What do families do? ?>

What do families do?

As a family, how can we be involved in EKC?

At Evergreen Kids Corner, co-op members serve on the board of directors and/or committees.  They aid in making budget decisions, hiring teachers and setting policy.  Members also help in daily activities.  Parents rotate responsibilities, for example, by serving as Parent Helper, assisting the teacher in the classroom and providing and helping prepare the daily snack.  They also participate in work days and put time into projects including fundraisers and field trips.  The time commitment to the school and its kids can be significant, but should not be onerous.  Most parents enjoy their parent jobs; they make a meaningful contribution to their child’s education, form lasting friendships with other families and learn new skills, all by contributing a few days per month.

Our family-friendly environment encourages active involvement from parents and other family members, and they are welcome at the school at any time.  Parents are encouraged, and sometimes required, to participate in the following ways: acting as Parent Helper, attending monthly Board Meetings, fundraising, participating in block hours and serving
on parent committees.  It is also the parent’s responsibility to keep informed by reading the Parent Handbook, bulletin board notices, emails, and checking their child’s cubby at school.

Each year, families are asked to participate in the Evergreen Cooperative in the following ways:

  • Participate as parent helper in the classroom on a rotating basis (at least one time per month; more if the class has a small number of children)*
  • Participate on a committee (PeeWee Soccer, Summer Explorers, Maintenance, or Grant Writing) or serve on the Board of Directors*
  • Complete one 3 hour shift for each of the three block hour commitments (fall block hours, spring block hours, summer block hours)*

Please see the EKC parent handbook for more information on family participation.  *Families can choose to pay a monthly opt-out fee if they are unable to meet any of these commitments.