Who are we? ?>

Who are we?

What makes EKC a special and unique place for children and families?

Evergreen Kids Corner Cooperative is a school for both children and their families.   Through EKC, children create friendships with other children their age, build relationships with other adults and learn valuable skills to prepare them for school; families join a community of like-minded parents, forge relationships with other young children, and learn valuable skills to be successfully involved in their child’s ongoing education.   EKC fosters parental involvement in a child’s education, which is one of the most important factors determining a child’s success during school years and throughout life.


EKC’s educational philosophy

We believe that children learn by exploring concepts through hands-on activities, blocks of uninterrupted play and opportunities to explore both outdoors and indoors.  They learn best in caring, respectful relationships with peers and adults and in an atmosphere that celebrates the wonder of everyday life.  EKC strives to provide a nature based curriculum where children are given daily opportunities to interact with items and places that can be found in our beautiful valley.

We endeavor to provide an environment that promotes active exploration and interaction with adults, other children and materials, with the teacher as a facilitator.  We provide learning activities that are concrete, real and meaningful to the lives of young children and foster their self-esteem through relationships with adults who express acceptance and respect for all children.  We recognize that all children are different and encourage such differences to surface in daily activities.  We encourage outlets for the expression of each child’s individual creative potential and create an environment that allows children to use problem-solving skills with peers and adults in social situations with guidance and supervision as needed.