Why a co-op preschool? ?>

Why a co-op preschool?

What is the benefit of a co-op preschool for my family?

A cooperative preschool is a unique type of school.  In order for a cooperative preschool to be successful, each family has to be committed to creating an enriching and safe learning environment for their child through participation.  This may not always fit each family’s schedule.  Preschool cooperatives date back to the 1940s, and Cambridge, Massachusetts was home to some of the oldest co-ops.  Today, cooperative preschools are enjoying a renaissance thanks, in part, to changing attitudes toward work and family and by parents’ desires to play a larger role in their child’s development and education.

The strength and quality of a co-op is a reflection of what member families bring to it, and Evergreen Kids Corner has enjoyed the contributions of many members over the years.  Our families come from all walks of life with varied backgrounds, including artists, farmers, scientists, lawyers, doctors, teachers, homemakers, construction workers and musicians – white collar, blue collar and no collar.  What they share is a deep belief in the importance of the family-school partnership and in the idea that communities as well as families play vital roles in a child’s development.

Cooperative preschools offer a unique opportunity for families to be involved in all aspects of their child’s first school.  Children are given opportunities to spend time and develop relationships with the parents and siblings of other families.  Parents connect with their own child and other children on a deeper level by participating in the daily school activities, form new friendships with other families, and learn valuable skills that will help them successfully be involved in their child’s ongoing education.   EKC fosters parental involvement in a child’s education, which is one of the most important factors determining a child’s success in their school years and throughout life.